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I loved Winter she was an amazing animal she inspired the lives of alot of people the first time I saw her was in theaters when she first aired in Dolphin Tale. I fell in love with her from then on.. I carry around a stuffed animal in honor of Winter before she lost her tail she means so much to me. I wish I could have seen her in person I miss her already I can't believe she is gone Rest In Peace my sweet Winter you will be sadly missed I love you Winter🐬💕

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I miss Winter too. I was able to interact with her once and she was my idol. Even though she was in the worst case to survive, she kept going and didn't let anything get in her way. Am stuck in this grief and it will take me a long time to accept this.

i also miss Winter very much too.I agree with you,I cant not get over her and used to go and see her at the aqurium often,until Covid hit. I was devasted when I heard she had passed,I loved winter and all the dolphin tales.I loved the whole aqurium. This will not pass for a while may you rest in peace Winter you will be missed dearly.

I miss Winter too. I love Winter. Winter is my favorite dolphin. I really miss winter. winter is the best. I really wanted to see Winter. I agree with both of you. I carry a stuffed animal
winter around too.

I loved Winter too. When I was younger I printed out a photo of her and hung it up on my wall. I would watch the live aquarium feed for hours. She meant so much to me. I never got to go visit her and it truly breaks my heart that now I will never get the chance. Rest in peace sweet girl 💕

I miss winter too. I was so inspired by her and was saving up to see her this coming summer and then I heard the news and couldn't stop crying I will miss you so much winter and u will forever be in my heart. It will take some time to get over your death but you will forever be in my heart ❤️🐬❤️

I got to know Winter from the Dolphin Tale movies, I really wish I could've seen her in person. I love Dolphins, but Winter is really one of a kind. She's such an inspiration and I fell in love with her and her story. I'm so sad and heartbroken. I'll miss her forever even though I didn't personally know her but she is truly special. RIP Winter 🙏 🐬❤💔😢

I saw winter for the first time when dolphin tale came out. I have always had a love for marine mammals but winter has inspired and reminded me of how I am working to become a marine biologist. I want to work and rehabilitate mammals just like her. My dream was to see her but unfortunately due to recent news of her passing, I am devastated to say that I haven’t gotten the chance. Winters story is incredible and she is one of the most amazing, inspiring, and important of the animals on earth. I never expected to feel such a connection and inspiration from an animal I have never met. I am absolutely heartbroken. I hope to one day join the team that was able to be with her during her last moments. Thank you winter for inspiring me, and the millions of people you have showed that anything is possible. I will never forget you and how you have reminded the world countless times that there is always hope❤️ We love you winter, Pamela, and hope❤️

Me too. And I also lost my best friend on the 16th.

I first found out about Winter from the Dolphin Tale movie. It was a period in time when my life was getting more chaotic but it was something my mom and I bonded over. I struggled over the following years with many things, and signed up for the military at one point to try and find my place. I ended up getting discharged for a shoulder injury and, following a surgery and many injections, therapies, etc. we came to realize it's a disability that will be with me all my life. I never thought I'd relate to her when I first watched that movie many years prior, and when I heard the word "disability", she was what grounded me from what could've been a worse spiral. I ended up moving to Florida and finally visited her a few months prior to her passing. Thank God I did. I have a few personal pictures to remember her by, now, but it still hurts. I was supposed to take my friend to meet her that same week before we got caught up in our roommate's plans. I'm not sure if she was already in a quarantine for treatment but the idea that we could've seen her just before we lost her haunts me. I'm trying to forgive my roommates for that, still, honestly, as now my friend never got to meet her. But I'll never forget her and the inspiration she gave me, and I'm so glad she got to outlive expectations and have a wonderful life.

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