I lost my father and my heart breaks and I cry every time i look at his pictures, anyone else feel like this? its been one month.

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I lost my father one month and 3 days ago. I still have the moments where it just feels like he’s still just living in another state. His ashes arrived yesterday, and it finally hit me that he is never coming back. I can’t look at photos yet because I break down as well. I know no words help. I still feel lost myself.

I lost my Dad too a couple of months ago and when I think I will never see him or talk to him again I break down. It’s so hard. What can we do?? Grieve and yet try to live and see beauty..

I just recently lost my dad as well. Everyone always says to remember the good times, hold on to the memories. And that's what we do. But it's natural to grieve and we need to allow ourselves to do it. It won't ever go away, I think.. just some days will be easier to deal with.

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