Hello, my mother passed away on May 2nd. It has been really difficult. I have four siblings and we already have a strained relationship, this has torn us further apart. I feel as if I've lost my past and my siblings along with my mother.

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I lost my beautiful mother on April 24th due to covid. She was my best friend I miss her smell her phone calls her love...it happened all so sudden. I’m struggling to cope and deal. My heart is completely broken 💔

I'm sorry for your loss Erika. I know what you mean, it's like a bad dream. My mother also possibly passed from the virus. She had pneumonia and was on oxygen and had a high fever. But due to her other illness's, it's still undetermined. My heart goes out to you, I will pray for you.


I also lost my mother on April the 8th it was sudden and unexpected her kidneys and liver shut down and heart complications I miss her so much I used to take her to lunch and we would talk for hours I took care of her for the last 5 years I did everything for her and now my schedule has changed and during the days I find I have nothing to do after work when I'm usually running errands for her or making and eating dinner with her and miss her so much I don't know what to do My mom often asked mewhy do I take such good care of her and I always told her it's payback for all The Times that you took care of me when I was a little girl and she would smile at me and say I love nene .
I'll miss you always mom I love you and I'm sorry to hear of both your loss ladies my heart goes out to you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry for your loss also. Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate it.

My heart goes out to all of you. I am so sorry for your loss.
I lost my mama on December 15th, 2019 of a heart attack. We lived in different states and I hadn't seen her in about a year because of my busy schedule and planned to visit her as soon as I got vacation time/everything settled where I am. We kept in contact quite frequently and knew she was in good hands with my step dad, sister and brothers dropping by and checking in on her. I miss her so much and think about her everyday. Sometimes I listen to old voicemails so I can hear her voice.

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