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How have you and your partner coped with the loss of a child? How are you supporting each other?

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It has completely destroyed my marriage or it has made me see the man i once loved with my whole heart turn into such a selfish and unsupportive piece of shit sorry for my language! But if anything it has made me see my kids and my own worth! And we are worth so much more then this dude could ever give! My daughter died on june 23 2021 she was a twin! And honestly i blame him i really do! It was nobodys actual fault she died from SIDS and he wasnt even home when i woke up to find her forever sleeping but he should of been there iv cried alone this whole time if i cry alone i might as well be alone well thats how i feel anyways

I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you are feeling. I hope you have friends and family to support you. I am not condoning your husband's behavior. But please try to remember everyone grieves differently and try to be tolerant of his behavior. I believe your daughter is with the Lord in paradise. I will pray for you and again, I am so sorry.

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