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Please I need someone to hear me I'm so broke and lost

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I'm so sorry that you suffering so badly. Talking about it helps. I lost five babies to miscarriage, one in the 5th month. We were told we could never have children, but they (doctors) were wrong. We gave birth to two children.

Was this your first child? How far along were you?

Yes I was 5 months

I had her on my couch

I know you must be traumatized by this, not just because you lost your child. When I lost my baby at 5 months, there was no one for me to talk to. The doctor told me to just forget about it. In 40 years, I've never forgotten that baby. I would suggest you get checked out by your doctor. Cry. A lot. Write about your child, what gender did you see him/her/them as? What name had you selected? And think about seeing a grief therapist to help deal with your feelings of loss.

A Girl Ariel simone

I did I went to hospital after ambulance got to me after my husband who first child also called 911 and the couched him on helping me push her out found out I developed

Servere preclamisia blood pressure was very very high she was only 5months I could have died they said my first child my first baby my dream my little girl if I could have had a choice I would choice her life over mine she didn't even get a chance I didn't even get to hold my baby screwed up hospital all the wanted was my baby body to run test on her like she was damn trash she was apart of me I'm getting her cremated sometime next month they gonna help me with her cremation the state because I can't afford it see I just became un homeless a few weeks ago I leave with a lady who has blessed me and many ways I had her on her couch and she just lost her mother a few months ago and suffered multiple miscarriags so I only have to pay for her ern after they cremate her I have a week to get my baby to hold my baby

But I'm stressing on how I'm going to get that also I can't lose my baby again

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