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Michael Gallion native American and head pastor of THE CHURCH OF TWO WORLDS 3038 Q street D.C. dropped off the radar about a year ago before xmas. He had congestive heart failure and was at St. Mary's hospital in Hunting, W.V. He never contacted his church in D.C. --- no one contacted rev. Larry Glasgow, Rev. Martin Davis or Maria Wolfe as to his condition. Geoffrey Morell a reiki healer from New Zealand was told by Michael's housekeeper that he had died? NO ONE CONTACTED THE CHURCH! Maria Wolfe put the church's utility bills on her credit card. The church went under but no one knows where Michael is buried? NOR THE DATE OF HIS DEATH NOR THE FUNERAL HOME? I knew Michael 20 years and it was devastating to learn that he died. WE CAN"T GET CLOSURE NO INFORMATION . WE CAN"T FIND HIS OBITUARY and even though Geoff gave the church the housekeepers phone number she did not return calls . THE CHURCH HAD TO CLOSE. It was a famous church in Georgetown. The baffling thing about Michael's death is the lack of information. Michael's whole life was his church. Its a real tragedy that he died . Its a real tragedy that the church had to close. If you go to youtube there is a video of Michael giving a sermon . It was shot by Georgetown students and a film crew. We need to know what happened to Michael? Also I thought that Michael had a will and would have left provisions in his will to help his church? A number of people who attended the church need to know what happened. Valerie Benson

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Regarding the death of Michael Lewis Gallion: On 10/20/2022, Angela G. Kennedy with the address of 19570 Bretton Dr., Detroit, Michigan 48223, was appointed Executrix of the estate of Michael Lewis Gallion. I hope this is of help to you. Yes, it is sad about the Church of 2 Worlds in DC. I was there about 30 yrs ago, from time to time. Good luck with your search for more information.

what is the date of michael lewis gallion's death ?

I just need to know where his obituary is? Rev. Michael Lewis Gallion

It is important that the membership of the former CHURCH OF TWO WORLDS have some closure on Michael Lewis Gallion's death. There has been NO CLOSURE. Selling the church out from under the other ministers with no communication ?

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