In the shortest form.I wish there is a law to subjugate the pain of burial cost in Southeast part of Nigeria.If those who to my judgment wastes money and resourses all in the name of burial will be called to book or at least come to the rescue of the wretched among men in my states,then the burden would be half solved.And if you bury your diseased one without much display of wealth then you become an object of mockery.For this reason and more, I vehemently plead on this group to please come to my aid in raising some cash to assist me for the burial expences of my beloved mother before the burial date 21st September 2021.
All eyes are on me because i am the first son among two men and two women.
I would be so glad and will show gratitudes to all and any who would show pity and kindness in time like this,especially to the programmer of this kind.Thanks indeed.