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I need a support group, I am very sad from the lost of my son. He was a very special person, and very talented! I hate drugs, my son just couldn't shake it! May he rest in peace! I am so hurt by this!

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Vicki, I am so sorry for you. As I know now there are no words that will comfort you for I have just lost my dear sister on July 11th. We are, I guess, now part of a grief club that has to feel our way through this ever so tremendous pain so deep inside that I feel I could die myself. Know that I hurt for you.

Sorry for your loss. I too lost my son Ryan to drugs 7/5/2020. It’s so hard to comprehend. The most awful heavy sadness comes in waves. I’m functioning the remainder, but he’s always on my mind

Sending you lots of love. I lost my mom. A big chunk of me died that day.

Sending you lots of love. I lost my mom. A big chunk of me died that day.
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I lost my mom Sunday June 7th 2020 and she was my best friend and last of her kind coal miners daughter. No drugs, drink or otherwise and she loved Christ and family. I can only hope to reciprocate to my god in the way she taught. At 34 my 64 year old mother is off into the beyond and it’s weird, I kissed her cold head 10x (Over the course of three funerals) and loved it every time because I knew (smell/perfume familiarity?) it was her. I wonder what that comfort is and I’m sure science could help comments?

I just lost my son Michael from a overdose on September 30th! He would of turned 40 on Nov 30th It is the most gut wrenching pain I have ever felt! I dont want to go to sleep at night because I hate waking up the next day. My heart hurts for you Vicki! May they both Fly With the Angels. Love and prayers to you and your family 🙏 ❤

I lost my husband Aug 23,2020. He was 45 years old. He passed away of an enlarged heart. I guess you could say he was the polar opposite of the Grinch his heart was too big. Some days I feel ok, other days I'm scrambled n I cry most everyday. I could count on 1 hand how many times I cried in the last 10 years until my husband passed. I'm not the type of person to show emotion or reach out to people so I cry in silence or if people are at my house n I can't hold back I'll go have a shower. I struggle to find motivation to do anything. The only reason I find strength to keep moving forward is my stepson 17 lives with me, his dad was his best friend n it's his graduating year n we have 3 dogs all that count on me to be here for them. I pray for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Just lost my brother last week 4/22/21 to drugs. He had shaken it for 7 months and his relapse led to his OD. He lived alone so no one was there to help save him. He was only 33. My only sibling gone forever and my parents only son. It's the most heartache I've ever felt!

I begin to cry at random times and my feet walk as if they have a mind of their own. Before i know it im literally 4 miles from home. Devistating for as i contemplate how will i get back since my body shouldnt have conquered such a trek because i walk with use of a cane unsteady and a great deal of pain.

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