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Two weeks ago I lost my son after his battle with depression. I have such a huge gaping hole in my heart and it feels it will be forever broken. I find it so difficult to make others understand how the pain feels and I know they are just trying to give me support. Please pray for me that I can find a way to fill this void and make his life of only 21 years have purpose that carries on forever.

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I can understand how you feel my daughter just passed away and she was a twin! So its not only hard to not cry everytime i look at him because i miss her so much but that feeling of emptyness that makes you feel like your no longer complete its because your not our childern are not suppose to go before we do and i hate when people ask me if im ok i know there just trying to be nice but i just want to scream ill never be ok life will never be the same i lost my baby girl and it freaking hurts bad so i know how you feel i do and i dont know if it gets any easier i just pray it does but a part of me thinks ill feel this way forever

I feel like the life force has been ripped out of my heart..My son passed on 7/13/21 in his sleep, he also suffered from depression. He was kind, loved animals we were so close. Im praying for you ladies your son your daughter..Mother's should not have this experience. I have no family support system.. im devastated! I lost my Ishmael. My 1st time here...praying God gives us the comfort we need..Amen

Its still si hard for me my daughter was a twin so her brother is suffering too from both sides not only did he lose his twin sister he lost his mom! Its like everytime i go to hold him i freak out i see my daughter in him so much and when he starts to fall asleep all i can see is my daughters lifeless body and i start to panic is this nomal am i going crazy

I definitely know how you feel i feel like no one understands me too i dont understand i cant i just want to wake up im praying for the bout of us i pray our pain and hearts find away to hold

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