Trying to find a way to deal with it all os impossible. My son was murdered by people a woman I slept with one time over 10 years ago and nothing after that. My son is dead because of some fatal attraction. The killers are her nieces baby daddy and his nephew. On April 25, 2020 they waited for my son to drive past her house and when he did the shooter jumped in the suv with the driver and took off chasing my son in his buddy's car. After trying to get away from them down a alley he turned onto a side street and got stuck at a blind intersection. When he was turning out of the alley they started shooting at him when stopped at the intersection they came up behind him shooting still. After one of the bullets struck him in the back of the head his car slowly rolled in the intersection they pulled up next to his side and looked to make sure they got him. There where 2 other's in the car and only my son was hit. Now within 4 days they had the driver within 7 days they had the shooter out of state. I don't know either one of them to know where they live. I heard of the driver from the chick i slept with. They left her house to kill him but cought them at there home's over a hour away. Here is the kicker the only one that aint in jail is her and to top it off she moved from the east side to the west side 5 blocks from where me and my family live. I'm starting to lose my mind on how is it possible for her to do this and then move closer to me and my family to taunt us some more even after having my son murdered. I feel like i need to protect my family she already took one and talks shit to my family about it i feel a eye for a eye. Its bad enough i feel so much guilt for this that people are saying its my fault. It was 10 years ago and i always made it known i could only be friends nothing more. He didn't deserve this what so ever. Why not me at least what the hell. Don't know how much longer i can go on feeling like this. If he died because of that then I should be also.