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im a mother and the age of 40 ive had three beautiful kids that live with my mother and my four beautiful babies that i lost as a younger women for at least seven straight years of trying to have a healthy baby and being on bed rest ect ect after the fourth i gave up due to not being able to handle any more loss speically when it comes to my children and i find it never gets easier but you will always remember always love and if you dont keep pushing forward for them then who will as a mother i feel the pain in my heart deep every day i suffer from such bad ptsd and anxiety disorder and panik attacks now due to the loss of my children alone never mind the rest of what life dishes out its not easy and you never forget i think what i like to call it is i cope with life and i live it each day even though i had such a deep hole in my heart and that hole never really totally fills i get that totally and i also got my puppy a few years after the loss of my last child wich is with me to this day and am very grateful for him with out him i would be a total huge mess and the hole would feel empty and cold still but my little guy has taken a place in my heart that my children left with me when they left me behind on this earth and til this day i consider my baby boxer dog my own little one and treat him just as that get a pet a service pet trust me my boy was the best copintg method i could of ever asked for years later of course but better late then never when you are ready or you feel ready enough to let another little one in your heart trust me get that baby puppy small cute needs a mommy and mother it as your own and i dont regret one moment with my not so little guy now but the bond between us is unbreakable just as a mother and a child should be dont regret a moment of ever getting him highly reccomend anyone having trouble with the depression part of losing a child or any negitive feelings and you feel totally empty trust me get a puppy cat what ever your animal of choice is and make it as if it was your own only when you are ready though dont rush that part of it but i gaurantee you wont be disapointed if your missing a child and i am also times four then trust me on this it is worth the money you spend to get that puppy the feelings of a sense of worth that will come over you is awesome like the very moment you became a mom all over again only just the joy part this time thanks for reading but this is how i found i can cope everyday and not feel terrible and empty anymore trust me you wont regret a moment of any of it when you adopt that little guy

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I host a group for people who has lost a love one too soon and need to chat with like hearted people. It is on Zoom. I lost my daughter on the 16th. of March and I'm lost behind it so if like me please come and join us. If you wish to be a part of it just let me know and I will share the link.

Yes ok I'll give it a try cause doing this alone really sucks I've lost now 6 children this way and no it never gets easier ever

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