we were both friends, we met at a school band summer camp, and we later fell in love and began dating. Her parents found out that I am Asian, and they didn't like that. She would get beaten and abused. We went to pick out a puppy, we got a corgi named pinto, and when i went to her house one day her dad answered the door and she was standing behind her dad, and her dad turned around and hit her and took the dog and beat it till it was dead, and her dad was screaming that she was is the problem. She was also bullied in school. The day and moment she tried taking her life, I was with her. she was in a coma because of the failed attempt and was put on a ventilator. I was with her when she was taken off of life support. I don't know what to do, it has been 4 years and for every five minutes of every morning, I wait for her to text, i wait for her to appear on my front door, but when that five minutes pass, it feels like it happened yesterday