Baby Headstone Grave Marker, Personalized & Engraved on Premium Granite

Price: $119.95+

Premium quality granite baby headstone, personalized with the text of your choice.
This headstone can be used as a temporary grave marker or permanent memorial stone for a child.
It can also be a sign of sympathy and consolation in the event of a miscarriage or loss of a baby, to convey the message of love, honor, and comfort.
We can fulfill your special requests, such as decorations, fonts, spiritual images, and more.
We ALWAYS send a design mockup for your approval, and you can request any corrections and necessary changes.
Please send us your instructions to

Our natural granite tombstone memorial will NEVER FADE OR DETERIORATE. Unlike lasers that burn a thin upper layer of the stone, our engraving machine physically hits the stone with a sharp diamond. This results in bright, sparkling images created on a stone that will last forever, both indoors and outdoors.
While our competitors save on materials and engrave on cheap, thin granite tiles, we use custom-made, thick (¾"), luxurious beveled natural granite stone polished on 5 sides that guarantee great look.


Vary by size.

Customization options:

- 3 lines of engraving

Seller return policy:
Free shipping available across the U.S.
Light bulb with small rays of light Did you know?
Cemeteries are required by law to accept headstones purchased online, and they may not charge you more to have one installed. However, you still must comply with any cemetery regulations (e.g. size, material).
Product Q&A:
After reading the question posted by Cindi H regarding a base for the 16X10X3/4, how much is it? Lupe Iser - Lupe I.
Diamond Engraved May 9, 2020
Lupe, currently it costs $99.95
Hi...this marker is beautiful and I was wondering how does it get installed? It is not very heavy. Is it put into another stone or does it just sit on top of the grave? - Cindi H.
Diamond Engraved April 30, 2020
Hi there! Yes, it is supposed to sit on top of the grave Also, we sell an optional granite stand for this stone to hold it in an upright position (slanted). Btw, some of our clients installed it on a self-made concrete base.
i have a son burried here in calgary and wish to have a gravestone properly made and with his two brothers and one sister that were creamated and that they could maybe also have a memory thing for them also on it is this possible at all i dont have alot of money but maybe how can i get somthing for them all do i gotta make seperate memorial stones or how does this work never planned on burring four kids no mother does please help feeling very over whelmed with this all - jennifer c.
Diamond Engraved
This question has not been answered.
Product reviews:
Diamond Engraved
We are a small, woman-owned business that applies style, empathy, and sensibility to the art of creating human and pet memorials. We only use 100% natural premium granite, and engrave it with sharp diamond, creating ever-lasting memorial stones that will stand to time and elements. Our prices include any custom images and texts, and shipping is free for US and Canada. Diamond Engraved™ memorials last forever!
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