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Father - Steel Casket

Price: $1100.00 Order

The Father Casket is a beautiful, two-toned steel casket that has a monarch blue and shaded silver finish. The swing bar handles feature silver hardware for a truly regal look. This half-couch casket equipped with a full rubber gasket sealer and the locking mechanism. Features adjustable bed for head and feet, and squared corners. This casket fits into the standard sized burial vault.


- Two-toned Monarch Blue and Shaded Silver finish
- 20 gauge steel
- Light blue crepe interior
- Sealed
- Locking mechanism
- Half couch
- Adjustable bed
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Exterior: 81L x 28W x 23.5H
Interior: 79” x 23.5”

Shipping types and time:
ARIZONA (1-2 business days): Free
NEVADA (1-2 business days): Free
CALIFORNIA (1-2 business days): Free
NEW MEXICO (2-3 business days): $150.00
OREGON (2-3 business days): $150.00
WASHINGTON (2-3 business days): $150.00
UTAH (2-3 business days): $150.00
KANSAS (2-3 business days): $175.00
OKLAHOMA (2-3 business days): $175.00
TEXAS (2-3 business days): $175.00
COLORADO (2-3 business days): $175.00
IDAHO (2-3 business days): $175.00
LOUISIANA (3-4 business days): $180.00
ARKANSAS (3-4 business days): $180.00
KENTUCKY (3-4 business days): $200.00
WEST VIRGINIA (3-4 business days): $200.00
INDIANA (3-4 business days): $200.00
OHIO (3-4 business days): $200.00
ILLINOIS (3-4 business days): $200.00
GEORGIA (3-4 business days): $250.00
FLORIDA (4-5 business days): $250.00
PENNSYLVANIA (3-4 business days): $250.00
NEW JERSEY (4-5 business days): $250.00
NEW YORK (4-5 business days): $250.00
MASSACHUSETTS (4-5 business days): $250.00
CONNECTICUT (4-5 business days): $250.00
MARYLAND (4-5 business days): $250.00
N. CAROLINA (3-4 business days): $250.00
VIRGINIA (3-4 business days): $250.00
S. CAROLINA (3-4 business days): $250.00
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