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Ever Loved vs. GoFundMe

See how Ever Loved and GoFundMe compare to decide which site is best to help you raise money in someone's memory.

Memorial fundraiser features

Feature GoFundMe
Collect donations online Yes Yes
Raise funds for any personal need or charity Yes Yes
Easy to share Yes Yes
Typical time to receive donated funds 2 business days after donation 2-5 business days after manually requesting
Payment processing fees 2.9% + 30¢/donation 2.9% + 30¢/donation
Other fees None None
Direct funds to Yourself, someone else, a charity, a funeral home Yourself, someone else, a charity
Send thank you notes Yes Yes
Collect memories from others Yes No
Publish an obituary Yes No
Share funeral details Yes No
100% memorial focused Yes No
Find funeral savings Yes No
Available support Phone, live chat, asynchronous messaging, help center Asynchronous messaging, help center
In memory of
Rebecca Ann Garcia
Photo of Rebecca Ann Garcia
1983 - 2019
Bloomington, CA, USA
Open Quotation Mark
I feel like more people should know about [Ever Loved]. I really believe it is a great alternative to other crowdfunding sites, as it really focuses more on the loved one as opposed to just fundraising. We really felt like we were honoring Rebecca's memory and at the same time expressing there was an avenue to support the family financially for those who felt compelled to assist in that way.
Closed Quotation Mark
— Ralph Garcia
Rebecca's father

Your complete memorial solution

Ever Loved memorial websites let you do as much (or as little) as you'd like to honor the life of your loved one. Keep it as just a fundraiser, or use it to share funeral details, publish an obituary, collect memories, record life milestones and more.
Raise money while honoring their life