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Overview from the cemetery

Wetmore Community Cemetery is a private Christian cemetery located at the corner of Stahl and Higgins Road.
- The deceased body must be of Christian faith.
- The deceased body must be embalmed before burial can take place.
- A concrete liner must be in place at the time of burial.
- We need a copy of the Death Certificate.
- Headstone must be in place within one calendar year of burial.
- Headstone must be purchased from a USA monument company and made of standard quality material.
- Appointment must be made to place headstones for proper alignment and uniformity.
- One permanent vase per gravesite, unless headstone has two (2) permanent vases.
- No glass or metal containers.
- Visitation is from DAWN to DUSK. Any violation may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
- We do not allow double stacking of caskets.
- No lights or other articles will be allowed around gravesites for ease of mowing and to prevent after hour visitation and vandalism.
- Nothing can be added to gravesite. This includes benches, borders, trees, plants and or statues.
- Any unauthorized articles placed on or around the grave site will be removed immediately.

4517 Higgins Rd is on the fence but Google doesn't respond to update requests and we don’t have a business owner.
The GPS to actually update on maps is: 29°34'39.9"N 98°24'04.1"W

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Price list for Wetmore Community Cemetery

Prices are general market ranges and are only intended to provide directional information. You should contact the cemetery to get a price list and confirm availability and costs before making purchase decisions.

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Estimated prices for a Burial Plot for an Adult

blue circle
Indicates general national range. Please contact the cemetery for actual pricing.
Right caret Single plot
Space to bury a single person.
blue circle $500 - $10,000
Right caret Plot opening and closing
Cost for the cemetery to open a plot for a burial and close it after the fact.
blue circle $500 - $2,500
Right caret Outer Burial Container
A grave liner that is generally used to prevent the cemetery ground from sinking over time. Many cemeteries require this.
blue circle $500 - $5,000
Right caret Grave marker
A flat or raised monument containing the person's information.
blue circle $500 - $4,000
$100 - $8,000
Right caret Grave marker installation
Cost to have a grave marker installed
blue circle $50 - $1,000
Right caret Tent for service
Use of a tent during a burial.
blue circle $150 - $500
Right caret Endowment
Covers ongoing cemetery upkeep and maintenance.
blue circle $100 - $900
Right caret Administrative fees
Any additional administrative fees that may be necessary.
blue circle $0 - $250
Total estimated cost
$2,300 & Up

Frequently asked questions

Answered by Wetmore Community Cemetery

  • What's the process to purchase a plot like from Wetmore Community Cemetery?

    Call Jamie or Nathan and we meet at WCCI to show plots available. Purchases are bank check or cash only and a certificate is mailed once paid in full. We require purchaser’s TXDL or ID in order to sign paperwork and take home receipts and bylaws to give copies to family members.

    If immediate burial is required, once paid in full, we mark plot and coordinate/approve the company you hire to open/close and setup or use our pavilion. Funeral homes must contact us and verify authorization to enter. Typically, casket or urn liners can be purchased by companies that provide opening and closing services.
    We ask for copies of COD, obituary and I will post memorials on findagrave. Within a year of burial a headstone marker must be placed (or litigation action is taken again the purchaser.) Once headstone is placed, I update photos and GPS for family anywhere in the world to find their loved one.
    We hold our annual meeting to all the second Saturday in April at 0930.

  • Who are the key people at Wetmore Community Cemetery?

    2019 Board Members:
    Nathan Reeh, President
    Jr. Schneider, Vice President
    Clarine Syamken, Treasure/Secretary
    Debi Reeh, Board Member
    Joanie Schneider, Board Member
    Jamie Juhl, Board Member
    Melford Georg, Honorary Board Member
    Lavern Georg, Honorary Board Member

  • What should people know about when visiting Wetmore Community Cemetery?

    As we have all volunteer staff, we cannot be on site like perpetual care cemeteries. We simply ask you to open both gates upon entering and close them if you are the last visitor. We humbly ask you never drive off paved roads. Call if you want to reserve the pavilion. We want you to always visit, show reverence, take only good memories of your loved ones, as many pictures you want, and any trash with you. If you see any acts of vandalism please contact SAPD via 911 and call us. If you wish to volunteer time or do a service project we will gladly accept.

Other questions? Give them a call:  (210) 862-3850


WCCI is a 501C3 and I volunteer and sell plots there. Info is being updated but Google and other sites won't allow you to provide data unless you "own" the company. How do we let folks know they can contact us? Jamie Juhl- Point of contact & Volunteer at Wetmore Community Cemetery, Incorporated (WCCI) for plot information, sales, coordination/ authorization of opening/closing for interment & headstone placement at WCCI. Jamie Juhl, WCCI Member, 210-862-3850; jamie.juhl@yahoo.com - Jamie J.
Wetmore Community Cemetery June 24, 2020
Thanks to all for their understanding as we update this site.
Can I have flowers delivered on the day of the services or do you want them the day before? - Brenda H.
Wetmore Community Cemetery June 24, 2020
WCCI is not a perpetual care cemetery and is volunteer operated. Florists have delivered graveside but funeral homes or families ensure flowers are placed. If you have a special occasion and are out of town, I have placed them after delivery to my home and sent photos. JJ
How much does it cost to buy a piece of land for future death? - Briana V.
Wetmore Community Cemetery June 24, 2020
As of June 2020, Cremation plots (5'X5') $1000; Single plots (5' X 10') is currently $1300. currently over 400 plots available. JJ
Is it okay to bury ashes at your cemetery if we choose cremation ? My phone number is 2108431961 - Mary V.
Wetmore Community Cemetery
This question has not been answered.

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