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What is an Online Memorial?

Online memorial websites are growing in popularity, but you may be confused as to what they are. Here are answers to some common questions and what to expect when setting up an online memorial.

What is an online memorial?

An online memorial is a website created in memory of a person who has died. The website can be created by the family or friends of the deceased or by a professional.

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Why should I create a memorial website?

Online memorials are becoming more popular as they offer a way to share memories and keep loved ones connected. They are one of the easiest ways to keep folks updated on event details, share in the loss of a loved one, collect memories, photos and more. Here are just some of the things a memorial website can offer you:

  • A place to share memories and celebrate the life of your loved one
  • A way to keep everyone updated on funeral and memorial service details
  • A means of collecting condolences, memories and photos in one place
  • A permanent online memorial that can be visited anytime, from anywhere
  • A place to connect with others who are grieving the loss of a loved one
  • A way to honor and remember your loved one long after they are gone.
  • A place to post an obituary (for free!), post public notes and updates
  • A place to collect donations towards a personal expense, a charitable cause, or any other cause you'd like
  • A way to show a timeline of your loved one's life

In addition to these features (and more), Ever Loved's free memorial websites come with access to incredibly useful resources that you can use to help you navigate the process of losing someone, such as:

  • A free to use post-death checklist that you can use that will help the family and executors handle tasks after a death occurs
  • A huge database of articles covering all aspects of death, loss, and the funeral planning process
  • A free funeral planning guide
  • Access to a comprehensive database of funeral homes, cemeteries, hospices, event spaces, and death doulas to help you choose the best people and companies to work with.

How do I create an online memorial?

Creating an online memorial is easy with Ever Loved. Just enter your loved one's name and some basic information, and a memorial website will be generated for you within minutes. You can also add as much or as little information as you'd like, and you can change anything at any time. Keep in mind that the best online memorial websites are typically ones that were set up with intention and care -- this means choosing some photos,sharing what you can about the life of your loved one, and sharing the page with as many people as possible.

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How do I share the online memorial page with others?

Ever Loved makes it easy for you to share the memorial site with others in various different ways. You can easily send out a beautiful emailed invitation to all of your contacts (which you can import from Google, if interested); post the memorial page directly to your Facebook feed; share the link directly to the page through any other medium you'd like. Many families will also include the link to their memorial website at the end of the obituary they've posted if they choose to post an obituary on a different website or publish one in the newspaper. In addition to all of these easy ways to share, your memorial website will be searchable online after it's set up.

Creating an online memorial website is a way to keep the memory of your loved one alive and it doesn’t have to be stressful! When you set up a memorial site with Ever Loved, you’ll gain access to many resources that’ll help you handle logistics and plan events after losing someone.

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Last updated June 23, 2022
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