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5 Reasons to Consider Hiring an Obituary Writer

When a loved one passes away, it is tradition in many cultures to write and publish an obituary. An obituary is a notice of someone's death, typically published in a newspaper, that includes a brief biography of the deceased person.

Obituaries are often written by family members or close friends of the deceased. However, in some cases, it may be best to hire a professional obituary writer. Here are five reasons to consider hiring an obituary writer when the time comes.

Reason 1: An obituary writer is experienced in writing about death

One of the main reasons to hire an obituary writer is because they are experienced in writing about death. This may seem like a morbid topic, but it's important to remember that an obituary is meant to be a tribute to the life of the deceased person.

A professional obituary writer will know how to capture the essence of a person's life in words and will be able to write an obituary that is both informative and moving.

Additionally, an experienced obituary writer will be familiar with the process of submitting an obituary to a newspaper or other publication. They will know the proper format and length for an obituary, as well as any other requirements that need to be met. If you haven't already considered this, imagine how difficult it can be to distill the entire life of someone into just four or five sentences. This is often the reality for folks who choose to publish an obituary in the newspaper since newspapers charge you by the line. A four or five sentence obituary can end up costing a family a couple hundred dollars, even if they only run the obituary in the paper for a single day. (Of course, if you are publishing a free obituary online with Ever Loved, you do not need to worry about keeping the obituary to only a few short sentences.)

Reason 2: A professional obituary writer can help you save time

Another good reason to hire an obituary writer is to save time. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing you likely want to be focused on is spending hours (or even days) writing an obituary.

A professional obituary writer can take care of this for you, freeing up your time so that you can focus on your grieving process. Additionally, a professional obituary writer will likely be able to write an obituary more quickly than you would be able to, since they have more experience with the process and are not as emotionally attached to the subject matter.

If time is of the essence and you need to get an obituary published quickly, a professional obituary writer can be a huge help.

Reason 3: A professional obituary writer can help you capture special details about your loved one's life

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to remember all of the special details about their life. This is where a professional obituary writer can be especially helpful.

Since an obituary writer is not as emotionally attached to the subject matter and know the best questions to ask, they will be able to ask you questions about your loved one's life and help you remember details that you may have otherwise forgotten. They'll likely also ask you a bit about your loved one's personality, history, and background that can assist them in writing an obituary you can be proud of.

A professional obituary writer will also likely have experience conducting research. This means that if there are certain details about your loved one's life that you are unsure of, the obituary writer will be able to do some digging and find out the information for you.

Reason 4: You feel intimidated by the thought of writing an obituary

For some people, the thought of writing an obituary can be downright intimidating. If you are not a confident writer or if you have never written anything like an obituary before, the task can feel daunting.

While most people who write an obituary haven't done so before, there are some for whom the art of writing comes naturally. If you're not confident in your skills at writing and are too intimidated by the thought of writing an obituary, but want a well-written obituary for your loved one, hiring someone to do the obituary writing for you can be a huge help.

Reason 5: You don't have the emotional energy to write an obituary

Writing an obituary can be an emotionally draining task. If you are still grieving the loss of your loved one and do not feel up to the task of writing their obituary, hiring someone to write it for you can be a good solution.

By hiring an obituary writer, you can take some of the emotional burden off of your shoulders and allow someone else to handle the task. This can give you the time and space you need to grieve in the way that feels best for you.

Additionally, you can always publish your own obituary in the future if you reach a point where you have the emotional bandwidth to do so. You can even hire an obituary writer to write an obituary for you that you publish in the newspaper while you write a fuller, longer obituary for a memorial website you set up for your loved one.

I can't afford an obituary writer but need to write an obituary. What should I do?

If you can't afford an obituary writer and don't feel like you can write an obituary, don't worry! Many families and individuals who write an obituary have never done so before. There are many resources available for you online to show you how to write an obituary. Ever Loved alone offers tons of obituary writing resources including real obituary examples from folks using Ever Loved, free-to-use obituary templates, and other obituary writing tips.

When you get ready to write the obituary, just keep in mind that the best obituaries are those that are written from the heart. You do not need to be a professional writer or author to craft a loving, well-written and heartwarming obituary; you simply need to know the person and be able to share their story with others.

If you’re in charge of writing an obituary (or want to post one that was written for you), consider publishing the obituary online. Online obituaries posted through Ever Loved are entirely free and stay up indefinitely. You can browse templates, fill in information that you need to, and edit the obituary as many times as you’d like to. Additionally, unlike newspaper obituaries, online obituaries on Ever Loved have no length limit, leaving you free to share your loved one’s full life story.

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Last updated August 18, 2022
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