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12 Things You Can Do With Cremation Ashes

Having different opinions on what to do with ashes is common for families who have had a loved one cremated. Typically, cremains are scattered in a space that was special to the individual who has passed or that provides meaning to those still living. Most folks have heard of scattering ashes at sea, but there are many other special ideas for handling ashes. Read through these cremation ashes ideas for inspiration on what to do with a loved one’s cremated remains.

1. Scatter the ashes at sea

Scattering ashes at sea is one of the most popular ways to scatter ashes and can be a beautiful experience for all involved. Rent a boat, invite those close to the person who passed away, and spread the ashes at a favorite location or spot in the sea (or another large body of water). Saying a few words as you spread the ashes can make for a memorable experience. Note: Some folks may be wondering, “Is it illegal to spread ashes?” The answer to this question depends on your state’s laws. Before spreading ashes anywhere, you’ll need to check with your local laws regarding spreading ashes. In most cases, you’re allowed to spread ashes on your own property and on private property as long as you have the written permission of the landowner or governing agency.

2. Wear them in cremation jewelry

Considering unique cremation keepsakes? Cremation jewelry is a popular choice that makes it easy for friends and family to keep cremains close to them. Cremation jewelry is customizable and comes in a variety of styles, types, and colors. If you’re more of a necklace person but other family members enjoy keychains or trinkets, you can purchase a different type of cremation jewelry for all involved. Cremation jewelry is also a great option for those who are looking for an affordable but beautiful option.

3. Turn the cremains into cremation diamonds

If you’re looking for a more spectacular (but expensive) option, consider turning the cremation ashes into diamonds. Companies like Eterneva and LONITÉ will ask for you to ship your loved one’s cremains and they’ll turn the cremains into a beautiful diamond. This is a great option for someone that likes diamonds or wants to honor their loved one in a unique and special way.

4. Turn the ashes into a marine reef

If the deceased person loved the ocean, turning their cremains into a marine reef is a wonderful idea. The company Eternal Reefs helps families make this dream a reality by turning cremation remains into a marine reef ball. The ball is then dropped into the ocean, providing a space for the sea life to thrive.

5. Send the ashes into space

Sending the ashes into space is one of the more expensive options, but is perfect for those who were passionate about space and space exploration. A company called Celestis helps families send the cremains of a loved one into space. For those that aren’t able to afford this high price tag, an alternative to this is to hold a stargazing party and scatter the ashes at a location that was meaningful to the person who passed away.

6. Make your own piece of art

If you’re the crafty type or want to honor someone who was artsy in a creative way, consider mixing the cremains in with the medium that you choose to work with. An example of this could be mixing cremains with clay, cement, or another type of material that you can use to make a statue, piece of pottery, or other piece of art.

7. Spread the ashes while skydiving

A thrilling, unique, and exciting way to scatter ashes after someone passes away is to spread the ashes while skydiving. This will require getting in touch with a skydiving company or instructor who is aware of your intentions as you don’t want to surprise them in the middle of skydiving by pulling out some ashes to scatter, but there are likely folks who are more than willing to help you do this. This is a great way to honor someone who was a thrillseeker or enjoyed outdoor activities.

8. Mix the ashes with fertilizer and grow something

Have a green thumb? Did the person who passed away appreciate gardening, plants, or nature? Consider mixing the ashes with a fertilizer and spreading the ashes in a garden or in another spot you’d like to see things grow. This is a beautiful way to have your loved one’s ashes contribute to continued life on the planet.

9. Turn the ashes into glass

If you’d like to turn the ashes into something delicate, you can consider working with a company like Spirit Pieces to turn the cremains into beautiful pieces of glass. These pieces come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and can serve different purposes. You’re able to purchase a necklace, bracelet, pendant, and other types of glasswork for reasonable prices.

10. Turn the ashes into a tree

If you’d like to turn the cremains into a living monument, consider purchasing The Living Urn. Living Urns let you turn the cremation ashes into a tree by placing the ashes in a specialized biodegradable pod. The pod is buried in the grown along with a young sapling, which eventually grows into a beautiful tree.

11. Bury the ashes in a cemetery

Burying ashes in a cemetery or having them interred in a columbarium is a class way to handle cremation remains. Cemetery plots are typically less expensive for those that are burying the urn, so you’ll want to find a local cemetery and ask for information on their pricing structure. If you want to bury the urn elsewhere, you can consider burying the urn on your property.

12. Keep the ashes in an urn

Another classic way to handle cremains is to keep the cremation ashes in an urn. If you’re interested in splitting the ashes with other family members, you can purchase keepsake urns (which are smaller urns) so that the ashes can be split among family members and kept in their own locations.

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Last updated March 10, 2022
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