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A Guide to Funeral Homes in Colorado Springs

Getting started

Before you start contacting funeral homes in Colorado Springs, it helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Knowing what services you’re interested in and what kinds of questions to ask can help you feel prepared when working with funeral homes. It can also help you feel that you made an informed decision. Here are some questions to consider before contacting funeral homes in Colorado Springs:

  • What is the budget for this funeral?
  • Are there any religious needs?
  • What method of disposition are you interested in?
  • What type of facilities are available?
  • Is the funeral home responsive and open to questions?
  • What is the local average price of the services you’re looking for?
  • What services are you not interested in purchasing?
  • Is the funeral home experienced with handling military funerals, if applicable?
  • Are there cultural or ethnic considerations that should be taken into account? These questions can help you better identify your needs, which will help you narrow down your choices when working with funeral homes.

Pricing information for funeral homes in Colorado Springs

Once you’ve identified your needs and are ready to start browsing funeral homes in Colorado Springs, it’s important to know what to expect in terms of pricing.

You can use these averages as a general guideline when choosing a funeral home: - Average traditional funeral price in Colorado Springs, CO: $7,800 - Average cremation & service price in Colorado Springs, CO: $3,300 - Average direct cremation price in Colorado Springs, CO: $1,750

Ever Loved lists funeral homes with price estimates so that you can easily compare funeral homes, even if their information isn’t listed directly on their website.

Browse funeral homes in Colorado Springs

The highest rated funeral homes in Colorado Springs

These funeral homes boast high ratings and a track record of service families in the area. If you’re interested in general overviews of what to expect for pricing, be sure to check out Ever Loved’s price estimates for each listing.

Return to Nature Funeral Home
Plenty of online testimonials and reviews make Return to Nature Funeral Home a safe choice when looking for a quality funeral home in Colorado Springs. Their reviews indicate a trustworthy business that can help your family plan a funeral during your time of need.

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Chapel of Memories
Chapel of Memories offers affordable pricing, high ratings, and plenty of amenities for families looking for a compassionate funeral home with a history of cared for families. Chapel of Memories also lets you plan out the funeral by email, making it less of a hassle for families who don’t have time to plan the funeral with frequent in-person visits.

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Blunt Mortuary
Blunt Mortuary holds the title as the “oldest operating funeral home” in the western side of Colorado Springs and has wonderful reviews that pay testament to their services. They offer affordable pricing, an easily accessible website, a transparent pricing list, and guidance for families in need of funeral services. For those who want to make an informed decision before choosing a funeral home, Blunt Mortuary is an excellent choice.

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The most transparent funeral homes in Colorado Springs

These funeral homes are not only highly rated but have also gone the extra (and important) mile in offering their pricing online to consumers. Having their information listed publicly online makes it easy for you to compare prices without having to call stop by.These funeral homes provide as much information as possible on their sites, which suggest that they’re consumer friendly and are less likely to push you to purchase services that you don’t want or aren’t interested in.

Swan-Law Funeral Directors
A high rating and online pricing information make Swan-Law Funeral Directors an excellent choice for those browsing funeral homes in Colorado Springs. This funeral home is also a Level Four Founding Community Partner of We Honor Veterans, ensuring their staff understands and can support families in accessing resources and benefits available to military families and veterans.

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Mountain View Funeral & Cremation
Mountain View Mortuary in Colorado Springs offers affordable and transparent online pricing with services for a traditional burial starting out at just $3,195. As another funeral home in Colorado Springs that is partnered with We Honor Veterans, families of veterans will find this staff knowledgeable and able to direct you to important resources for your family or loved one.

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The most affordable funeral homes in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for burial or cremation options that are affordable, these funeral homes have affordable pricing, especially when compared to Colorado Springs average funeral cost of $6,900.

Chapel of Memories Easily accessible online information, great reviews and a high rating makes Chapel of Memories a great choice for families in need of affordable funerals in Colorado Springs. Chapel of

Memories is also partnered with We Honor Veterans to ensure you and your family have access to and knowledge of all available resources for veterans and their families. Their starting burial price of $1,785 makes this one of the most affordable options in the area.

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Griffin Funeral Companies - Alternative Cremation
For those interested in a basic cremation package, Alternative Cremation in Colorado Springs is an excellent choice. Their basic cremation package starts at just $895 for an all-inclusive direct cremation and other services including a life tribute write up, paperwork processing, and more.

View pricing

The best green funeral home in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for a green funeral, it’s a good idea to work with a green funeral home. Not every funeral home is a green funeral home and oftentimes a funeral home specializes in this type of disposition.

Return to Nature Funeral Home
Return to Nature Funeral Home is the only green funeral home that specializes in green burial in the Colorado Springs area. Their natural burial starts at $1,465, an affordable price for those interested in an eco-burial. If you’re browsing Colorado Springs funeral homes in search of one that offers green burials, this is a great choice. Return to Nature Funeral Home specializes in biodegradable post cremation care (as well as green burials).

[Learn more]

Not sure which funeral home is right for you? There are many more to choose from! Check out Ever Loved’s database of funeral homes in Colorado Springs to get started.

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Last updated August 31, 2022
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