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What is a Hearse?

Have you ever wondered what those vehicles that transport caskets are called? Look no further for more information about this classic method of transportation during a funeral. What's a hearse? A hearse is a type of vehicle that a funeral home uses to carry caskets or coffins. The hearse can

Meet a Funeral Director: Monecia Michelle Smith from Still Waters Funerals Services & Alkaline Hydrolysis

Monecia, how long have you worked at Still Waters Funeral Services? How did you first get into the profession? I have been working at Still Waters Funeral Services for alm

The Cremation Process: A Helpful Guide

Cremation is the most popular method of disposition in the United States and is estimated to be the chosen method of disposition for over 70% of Americans by 2030. While this is a large number of Americans, many people aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the cremation process. Here’s a helpful g

A Brief Guide to Funeral Homes

Finding the right funeral home isn’t easy, but it can be increasingly difficult if you aren’t sure what to look for in a funeral home or what funeral homes do. In this short guide, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding funeral homes. What does a funeral home do?

Meet a Funeral Director & Funeral Home Owner: Vonda & William Rosado

Ongoing in our series on funeral industry professionals, we had the opportunity to interview a husband and wife duo in the industry: Maxton-Rosado Funeral Home funeral director, Vonda Rosado and funeral

Meet a Funeral Director: Larnique Mickens from Heritage Mortuary

We're continuing to shed some light on the often misunderstood professions of those who work in the funeral industry. Next in our series on funeral industry professionals, we had the opportunity to interview the [Heritage Mortuary](

Meet a Funeral Director: Malisa Riceci from Solace Cremation

The funeral industry is opaque to most Americans, so we've decided to start highlighting some of the amazing professionals who help grieving families and the work that they do. To start off our series, we're thrilled to introduce you to Malisa Riceci, funeral director of [Solace Cremation](https://e