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When and How to Offer Condolences

When someone you know loses someone close to them, many people are unsure about what to say or do. However, your support can make a world of difference. Here’s a short guide for offering your condolences. Sharing condolences with a friend If a friend has lost someone close to him or her, re

What to Expect at a Visitation, Viewing or Wake

What is a funeral visitation? A visitation is a funeral event for friends and family to gather to express their sympathies to the family of the deceased. It’s common for a casket to be present (open or closed) to allow guests to say final goodbyes before the burial. You may also hear it referred

Funeral Etiquette: Sending Condolences

When someone you know passes away, it can be hard to put your feelings into words. Even still, sharing your condolences with the family of the deceased is a thoughtful gesture during a difficult time. How to share your condolences Following a death, the most common two ways to share condolen